Myron L Meters Thanks Central Utah Water District!

Posted by 6 Jun, 2012


Central Utah Water’s primary responsibility is to deliver clean, useable water to our customers by managing the vast CUP and District network of water facilities. Every day we work to maintain and improve those facilities. We monitor and track precipitation levels and make decisions on how best to serve current customers and store water for future generations. The District is proud of its role in managing the water in its jurisdiction and using technology, intelligence and hard work to ensure the best possible balance for man and nature.

The Central Utah Water Conservancy District represents the citizens of a 10-county area in administration, sale, and delivery of water for the Central Utah Project (CUP), as well as the operation and maintenance of the CUP facilities. 

Water developed by the CUP is used for municipal, industrial, irrigation, hydroelectric power, fish, wildlife, conservation, and recreation purposes.

The District has developed water treatment facilities in several communities. These facilities supply quality culinary water to comply with ever increasing state and federal drinking water standards and regulations.

The Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Department is specifically charged with: 1) operating and maintaining Central Utah Project (CUP) facilities assigned to the Bonneville Unit and 2) the sale and delivery of CUP water.

CUP facilities are operated and maintained in Duchesne, Wasatch, Summit, Juab, Utah, and Salt Lake counties. The facilities include major storage and regulating reservoirs, smaller diversion features, and interconnecting conveyance systems. Some features are operated under third party contracts with other water agencies. 

The sale of project water includes the administration of water sales contracts with municipalities, water districts, irrigation companies, and individuals. The delivery of CUP water involves water supply coordination with the District’s contract holders while maintaining compliance with state water right laws and Reclamation Reform Act regulations.

Fulfilling District O&M responsibilities requires extensive involvement with multiple federal, state, local, and private organizations in addition to the general citizenry. The O&M Department also receives technical assistance from the Engineering Department to meet these responsibilities. Efforts by the O&M Department are centered in trying to best accommodate the public interest in a safe, efficient, and fiscally-responsible manner.

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with the Central Utah Water Conservancy District.

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