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Posted by 22 Dec, 2011

CAPTURE H2O specializes in identifying, implementing and providing service for water conservation projects at commercial and industrial facilities. Our initial focus is to audit all the water systems throughout the facility and identify projects that reduce potable water usage. In addition, we identify fuel and energy conservation projects that are linked to the water systems. When water usage is reduced, so is the energy and fuel required to heat and treat it. 

We also provide ongoing maintenance and services for our projects including sustainable water treatment systems.  


To preserve the earth’s drinking water supply by applying sustainable technologies and solutions that reduce potable water usage and facilitate water reuse.


Help our clients achieve their sustainability goals by identifying and implementing innovative water and energy conservation technologies. Provide excellent service support to ensure our projects continue delivering the desired results. 


We can help your facility identify and obtain USGBC LEED credits in the water efficiency category.

Capture H2O, Inc. was established to provide the commercial and industrial markets with a focused independent assessment of water conservation strategies and implementation support. Capture H2O provides a full service offering from identification, implementation, measurement and verification to long term service support. The company was created in order to provide its clients with a wide range of water and energy conservation technologies without the bias associated with a large or product focused company. 

The goal of the company is to create long term relationships with its clients and become the “trusted advisor”. 

Capture H2O has extensive experience with steam boilers, cooling towers, chillers, high purity water, sterilizers/autoclaves, water softeners, reverse osmosis, domestic water fixtures, waste water treatment plants, belt presses, paper machines, heating hot water boilers, landscape irrigation, rainwater harvesting and many more system.  

We also have extensive experience with all types of water processing equipment, chemical and non-chemical water treatment programs. 

Capture H2O will become Myron L Meters’s first featured Water Consultant Network member in January 2012.  In exchange for promoting Myron L Meters products with their customers, Water Consultant Network members receive additional disounts and marketing and promotional consideration from

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