Myron L Meters Thanks Bob Johnson & Associates, Inc!

Posted by 16 Mar, 2012

Founded in 1969, Bob Johnson & Associates, Inc. has been providing superior water treatment systems to commercial, industrial, and residential customers for over three decades. From research to design, from fabrication to commissioning, from sales to service… the Bob Johnson name has come to be synonymous with reliable water treatment systems.

Our growth has resulted from an increasing demand by industry for highly-controlled water quality and from the development of technically sophisticated equipment to meet that demand. As an important contributor to the science of using modern water treatment technology in real world applications, Bob Johnson & Associates has always utilized the most technologically-advanced products available. This commitment to providing our customers with complete water treatment systems, installed and commissioned by an experienced Sales and Service group, has been the primary force driving our growth and development in the industry.

For over 36 years, the Project Managers at Bob Johnson & Associates have been designing and installing multi-stage water treatment systems. As we grew, our market area greatly expanded and now we serve customers throughout the continental U.S. and in over 30 foreign countries. Our main focus has always been to provide the most appropriate technology to solve our customer’s water treatment needs.

Our customers include some of the largest industrial plants and mills in the country. We install and service water treatment systems for urban and rural school districts, prisons, hospitals, labs and public utilities. Our commercial customers range from country clubs to international oil companies. We work daily with design engineering firms and with plumbing and mechanical contractors all over the U.S. and the World.



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