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Five brothers founded Ball in 1880, with a loan of $200 from their Uncle George. At first they made wood-jacketed tin cans for products like paint and kerosene, but soon they expanded their offerings to glass- and tin-jacketed containers. In 1884 the brothers began making glass home-canning jars, the product that established Ball as a household name. The brothers—Edmund, Frank, George, Lucius and William—moved the company from Buffalo, New York, to Muncie, Indiana, in 1887, to take advantage of abundant natural gas reserves essential to making glass.

Ball grew rapidly in the ensuing decade, and has been in more than 45 businesses since its founding. Ball no longer manufactures the ubiquitous canning jars, but we’ve expanded and grown into a worldwide metal packaging company that makes billions of recyclable metal containers and a unique aerospace business that designs one-of-a-kind solutions to answer scientific and technical challenges. We manufacture on four continents and we’re based in Broomfield, Colorado.


Ball acquires Neuman Aluminum, the leading North American manufacturer of aluminum slugs used to make extruded aerosol cans, beverage bottles, aluminum collapsible tubes, and technical impact extrusions; and Aerocan S.A.S., a leading supplier of aluminum aerosol cans and bottles in Europe. Ball becomes the largest supplier of aluminum slugs in the world.


Ball acquires four metal beverage can plants from AB InBev, making Ball the largest supplier of beverage cans in the world.


Ball acquires U.S. Can, a U.S.-based aerosol and specialty metal packaging company, and merges it with Ball’s metal food-packaging operations to form the metal food and household products packaging division.


Ball acquires Schmalbach-Lubeca AG, the German-based metal-can beverage company, and creates Ball Packaging Europe, boosting Ball’s beverage can sales by more than $1 billion.


Ball acquires the metal-container beverage assets of Reynolds Metals Company, making Ball the largest supplier of metal beverage cans in North America, and one of the largest in the world.


Ball Corporate headquarters relocated from Muncie, Ind., to Broomfield, Colo.


Ball acquires M.C. Packaging Ltd. in China. MCP, combined with Ball’s FTB Packaging Ltd. joint venture in China, makes Ball the largest supplier of cans in that nation.


Ball-Foster Glass Container Co. creates a joint-venture glass company with Group Saint Gobain, in September 1995. Ball sells its remaining interest in Ball-Foster to Group Saint Gobain in 1996 and exits the glass business.


Ball’s aerospace business converts to a wholly owned subsidiary, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. of Broomfield, Colorado.


Ball acquires Heekin Can, Inc. Heekin is the largest regional manufacturer of metal food containers in the U.S. prior to the acquisition. Combined with Ball Packaging Products Canada, Inc.’s six plants, the eleven former Heekin plants make Ball the third-largest producer of metal food-and-aerosol cans in the North American market.


Ball listed on New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol “BLL”


Company name changed to Ball Corporation.


Ball acquires the Jeffco Manufacturing Company in Denver and forms metal beverage container operations.


Ball forms the Ball Brothers Research Corporation. Known today as Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp., the corporation produces space systems engineering products, telecommunications technology, and electro-optics and cryogenics materials for government and commercial customers.


Company name changes to Ball Brothers Company


Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing Company was incorporated.


Frank and Edmund Ball start the Wooden Jacketed Can Company in Buffalo, New York

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with Ball Corporation.

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