Myron L Meters Thanks Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital!

Posted by 8 Sep, 2011

Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children is a sanctuary of hope and healing. The most advanced technology, coupled with compassion and dedication have made Arnold Palmer Hospital one of the most trusted names in children’s healthcare worldwide. Careful attention has been paid to creating a cheerful, comforting environment to minimize stress and generate smiles.

A Hospital Built Just for Kids

Arnold Palmer Hospital is a 158-bed pediatric hospital facility located in Orlando, Florida, United 
States. The hospital is part of Orlando Health and is supported by the Arnold Palmer Medical Center Foundation. Arnold Palmer Hospital is the first facility in Central Florida to provide emergency care exclusively for pediatrics. The Bert Martin’s Champions for Children Emergency Department & Trauma Center is part of the area’s only Level 1 Trauma Center.

Ranked as One of America’s Best Children’s Hospitals

Arnold Palmer Hospital is the only children’s hospital in Central Florida to rank as one of “America’s Best
 Children’s Hospitals” in U.S. News & World Report. In 2011, Arnold Palmer Medical Center ranked 38th in Orthopedics and 40th in Cardiology and Heart Surgery. It was the only hospital in Central Florida to beincluded in the rankings. Arnold Palmer Hospital was also ranked as a “Best Children’s Hospital” in 2010 and 2008 – accomplishments we proudly share with our patients and the community. Learn more about the rankings here.

The Children’s Bill of Rights

Arnold Palmer Hospital supports the concept that each patient is an individual and is respected as a person. Each patient has the right to comprehensive, compassionate, family-centered healthcare that will be provided by an interdisciplinary team and directed by the physician. We utilize an approach that provides sensitive and flexible healthcare that respects the developmental, psychological, emotional and social needs of patients and their families.

As part of our commitment to the needs of our young patients, the Arnold Palmer Hospital Children’s Bill of Rights is prominently displayed – and followed – throughout our hospital.

While I am in the hospital, I can expect:

  1. Time to play each day.
  2. People to knock on my door before coming in my room.
  3. Doctors and nurses to tell me their names.
  4. People to understand that sometimes I need to cry when I’m afraid or hurt.
  5. My parents to help take care of me.
  6. People to laugh with me.
  7. Safe, quiet times during each day.
  8. People to tell me what’s going on and why.
  9. My room and my bed to be safe places.
  10. People to let me choose what I want when it’s O.K.
  11. My favorite toy from home to be with me and to go along to surgery and different places in the hospital.
  12. A hug when I need one.

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital.

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