Myron L Meters Thanks Agility Logistics!

Posted by 19 Aug, 2011

A New Logistics Leader

Agility is a global logistics leader with two main lines of business: commercial logistics and a portfolio of logistics-related businesses.

Global Integrated Logistics

Three interlocking areas — Freight Forwarding, Logistics Solutions and Specialty Businesses – form Global Integrated Logistics (GIL), Agility’s commercial business, headquartered in Switzerland. Agility GIL provides supply chain solutions to meet complex and standard customer needs. From well-travelled trade lanes to remote environments, our worldwide network brings substantial leverage to your organization in the form of local points of contact, service delivery and cost savings.

Freight Forwarding Experts

Agility offers a convenient menu of standard freight management services, including AirSeaRoad and Sea/Air to balance urgency and cost-effectiveness for your day-to-day shipments. Our Freight Forwarding experts tailor these services to your specific requirements through a host of easy-to-configure options, including Forwarding Service Options for special cargo requirements and Logistics Service Options for needs that go beyond pickup and delivery. Agility’s customs clearance specialists are well versed on current laws, rules and regulations to ensure accurate documentation and streamlined processing.

Logistics Experts

When the demands of your supply chain require a depth of knowledge and a level of customization beyond our standard Freight Forwarding services, Agility’s Logistics Management experts are here to help. Our professionals invest the time and care necessary to gain a comprehensive understanding of your overall warehousing and distribution needs. We never stop advising, optimizing, and searching for new efficiencies, even after putting your solution in motion. . Our Lead Logistics Concept is a systematic method to customizing solutions to your distinct needs. The accountability, competence and ease that come with having Agility as your single, dedicated logistics partner allow you to focus on your main business priorities.
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Specialty Experts

Agility teams with highly specialized knowledge, a wealth of experience and resources at their fingertips are ready to meet the unique logistics requirements of customers in specialty industries.

Myron L Meters is pleased to do business with AGILITY LOGISTICS.

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