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Posted by 13 Jan, 2012

Advanced Electron Beams (AEB) enables the green factory of the future by making sustainable manufacturing possible and profitable.

AEB’s compact electron beam emitters replace thermal and chemical processes for cleaner, more efficient, lower-cost manufacturing. For industries such as pharmaceutical, medical devices, food and beverage, printing, and plastics manufacturing, AEB emitters sterilize products and packaging, improve the performance of plastics and other materials, cure inks and coatings and eliminate pollution.

Challenging Convention

While electron beams have been used in some industrial niche applications to replace chemical and thermal processes, adoption has been limited due to high equipment and operating costs, complex implementation, and huge size of conventional electron beam technologies. By contrast, the AEB Emitter delivers energy efficiently in a format that is significantly less expensive and more compact in size. Conceived and developed by company founder Tovi Avnery, the AEB Emitter changes the dynamics of electron beam applications, enabling customers to use this clean energy source across a wide range of industrial applications where usage has never before been technically or economically feasible.

How We Do It

Our business model relies on forward-thinking partners who see the AEB Emitter as a catalyst for innovation within their industries. By combining their deep sector expertise with our technology, we are introducing new systems that are helping customers improve their productivity and develop new products and processes, while at the same time reducing their dependency on energy sources and chemicals that result in pollution.

Real-world Implementations

Today, more than 40 customers worldwide rely on AEB Emitters to address a range of applications across sterilizationpollution abatementcuring and polymer treatment sectors. And we are just getting started.  Looking to the future, we envision the use of AEB Emitters across a range of advanced applications spanning from the destruction of airborne viruses and bacteria, generation of hydrogen for fuel-cell vehicles, treatment of seeds to improve yields, extension of the shelf life of food, and modification of recycled tires into high quality engineered plastics to the removal of hazardous gases, such as nitrous oxides (NOx), from fossil-fuel burning power plants. The future is unlimited.


Our Vision

Our vision is to enable the green factory of the future by making electron beams a pervasive industrial energy solution that reduces chemical pollution, decreases energy consumption, improves productivity and enables the development of new products.  Led by an experienced team and supported bytop investors, we strive to advance this vision by leading electron beam product innovations that are economical and simple to implement and maintain while delivering the high performance and reliability needed to make electron beams a ubiquitous energy solution.

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with Advanced Electron Beams.

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