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Keep Your (pH) Balance!

Posted by 3 Apr, 2012
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What is pH? (from

pH is the negative logarithm of hydrogen ion activity in a solution. The Concentration ratio of hydrogen ions (H+) and hydroxyl ions (OH-) determine the pH value of a solution. Any hydrogen activity will produce a 59.16 mV/pH unit across the glass membrane. The measurement is expressed on …
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UMII pH/ORP Sensor Replacement

1. Remove pH/ORP protective cap from sensor well, shake out fluid and dry sensor well thoroughly.
2. If the instrument is wet, dry it thoroughly before proceeding, paying particular attention to the …

DS Meter pH Sensor Replacement

1. Remove pH protective cap from sensor well, shake out fluid, and dry cell cup and sensor well thoroughly.
2. If your instrument is wet, dry it thoroughly before proceeding. Ensure hands are clean and dry. Moisture will damage the electronics and …
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