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Posted by 31 Dec, 2013

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This video walks you through the steps of selecting an inline monitor controller for your water application by ordering online at the website, found here:

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Welcome to our detailed breakdown of: How to select an inline water quality monitor/controller for your water system.

To start, if you’re not sure what you are looking for, browse our products by clicking ‘Products’ at the top…
Now think about the specifications of your application, do you need something permanently installed in a system like a monitor/controller, or a portable handheld meter for easy spot checks. Let’s say we need a meter installed inline for our application.

From here, you can be more specific, do you need to control any functions like a valve or pump based on the water quality, you will need a monitor/controller. we’ve got the option between analog or digital, choose what fits your needs best. The digital monitor/controller is the most popular.

Now you can choose which parameter you’ll be measuring. The monitor/controllers measure one parameter each and cover a range of parameters: Resistivity, ORP, pH, Conductivity or Total Dissolved Solids. For our application, we need to monitor Conductivity.

This takes you to the product details page for the 758II conductivity monitor/controller. Every product page has product photos, a short description, links to reviews and videos, price information, and available options for this specific product.

While browsing, you’ll notice all of our categories are listed on the left side of the screen. We’ve made it easy to jump between categories to find what you need.

Back to our application. We need to make sure that the conductivity level stays around 2500 to 3000 microsiemens, so I’ll choose the 0-5000 range. As you can see, there are a number of ranges, so choose what fits your application best. Once you’ve selected the range, you will see the sensor that is needed. In this case the CS51 sensor. We’ll select that in a moment.

Now choose any additional features you may need; for example, if you want to control a second valve or pump, you’ll need the optional “Second Control Module”, part# SC. Review the available options and be sure to add the sensor that you need as well, the CS51 sensor is listed here in the accessories section. We’d also like a mounting bracket for the monitor and a 24V 1 inch solenoid valve.

Check off the ones you’ll need and press “Add to cart”. A window will display to review the items you’ve just added to the cart. Close the window to continue shopping, or complete the order by selecting Check out.

On the order page, Select your country and state, enter your zip code and select the type of address to get a shipping rate.

If you are placing an order with international shipping address, please watch the International Shipping video for the steps.

Choose your shipping method and continue by logging into your account or checking out as a new customer.

Let’s checkout as a new customer, Enter your billing and shipping information, enter a password so you can easily place orders in the future, select your shipping method, enter your payment information, and place your order.

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