How to select a handheld Myron L water quality meter for your water system:

Posted by 31 Dec, 2013

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This video outlines the steps for choosing a handheld water quality meter for your water system. Order online at

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Welcome to our detailed breakdown of: How to select a handheld water quaity meter for your application.

To start, if you’re not sure what you are looking for, browse our products by clicking ‘Products’ at the top…
Now think about the specifications of your application, do you need something permanently installed in a system like a monitor/controller, or a portable handheld meter for easy spot checks. Let’s say we need a handheld digital meter for our application.

From here, you can be more specific, do you need to test a single parameter, then the Ultrapens may be right for you. Need to measure multiple parameters, then the Ultrameter might suit your application best. You can read the brief description and avaialble parameters for each and choose what works best for you. For our application, we need to measure conductivity, resistivity, and pH, so let’s select the Ultrameter.

Now we can see a list of the Ultrameters available. We just need to select the one that covers the parameters we need to measure – The Ultrameter II 6P will work great for our application.

This takes you to the product details page for the Ultrameter II 6P handheld meter. Every product page has product photos, a short description, links to reviews and videos, price information, and available options for this specific product.

Down below, you will notice a full detailed description, a tab for technical specifications, and another tab for Frequently asked questions. Recommended accessory items are listed here on the right to help you complete your order. For example, we will need a carrying case, pH calibration solutions, and the storage solution, as well as conductivity calibration solution.

Review the available options and choose any additional features you may need; be sure to check off the ones you’ll need and press “Add to cart”. A window will display to review the items you’ve just added to the cart. Close the window to continue shopping, or complete the order by selecting Check out.

On the order page, Select your country and state, enter your zip code and select the type of address to get a shipping rate.

If you are placing an order with international shipping address, please watch the International Shipping video for the steps.

Choose your shipping method and continue by logging into your account or checking out as a new customer.

Let’s checkout as a new customer, Enter your billing and shipping information, enter a password so you can easily place orders in the future, select your shipping method, enter your payment information, and place your order.

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