A “Die Hard”Meter for Hydroponics Growers

Posted by 26 Jan, 2012

Myron-L Ultrameter 6P

Discussion in ‘Hydroponics‘ started by MindzEyeJan 18, 2011.

“Over the years I have spent a lot of money on meters. When I first started I bought $25 meters off of e-bay.. They worked ok and lasted about a year. After realizing how critical it can be to have a reliable meter at times I decided to invest in better meters.. I tried most brands out there some of them cost $250-$300.. All of them failed over 1-2 years.. I decided to invest some real money in a meter to get something that was well built ..

At my work there is a water treatment company that treats water for the chillers, cooling towers and the hydronic heating loop. The dude that maintains this is very knowledgeable about water treatment and I saw him taking readings with the Myron-L. I was asking him about it and he said hes had that meter for 5 years and has never replaced the probe. Its still accurate and works properly and he uses it in a commercial application that gets much more use and abuse than growers put their meters through. He probably takes 50 readings a day with it and that water has some crazy oxygen scavengers and biocides in it.

I was sold but the only thing was its price tag… I bought one anyways about 2 years ago and it works perfect every time.. Im sure I will have this meter for a long time. I read some of the grow journals on here and with as big as some of your gardens are Im sure some of you could afford a meter like this lol. If you want a die hard meter then this is the way to go…”

Hydroponics growers –  buy your “die hard” 6P here: http://www.myronlmeters.com/Ultrameter-II-6P-Multiparameter-Meter-p/dh-umii-6pii.htm

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