A Book On Desalination Plant Concentrate Management by Nikolay Voutchkov

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A Book On Desalination Plant Concentrate Management by Nikolay Voutchkov, PE, BCEE of Water Globe Consulting and one of Myron L Meters valued customers

This book provides an overview of the alternatives for management of concentrate generated by brackish water and seawater desalination plants, as well as site specific factors involved in the selection of the most viable alternative for a given project, and the environmental permitting requirements and studies associated with their implementation. The book focuses on widely used alternatives for disposal of concentrate, including discharge to surface water bodies; disposal to the wastewater collection system; deep well injection; land application; evaporation; and zero liquid discharge. Direct discharge through new outfall; discharge through existing wastewater treatment plant outfall; and co-disposal with the cooling water of existing coastal power plant are thoroughly described and design guidance for the use of these concentrate disposal alternatives is presented with engineers and practitioners in the field of desalination in mind. Key advantages, disadvantages, environmental impact issues and possible solutions are presented for each discharge alternative. Easy-to-use graphs depicting construction costs as a function of concentrate flowrate are provided for all key concentrate management alternatives.

Mr. Voutchkov is a registered professional engineer and a board certified environmental engineer (BCEE) by the American Academy of Environmental Engineers. He has over 25 years of experience in planning, environmental review, permitting and implementation of large seawater desalination, water treatment and water reclamation projects in the US and abroad. Mr. Voutchkov has extensive expertise with all phases of seawater desalination project delivery: from conceptual scoping, pilot testing and feasibility analysis; to front-end and detailed project design; environmental review and permitting; contractor procurement; project construction and operations oversight/asset management. Mr. Voutchkov is President of Water Globe Consulting a private company specialized in providing expert advisory services in the field of seawater desalination and reuse. For over 11 years prior to establishing his project advisory firm, Mr. Voutchkov was a Chief Technology Officer and Corporate Technical Director for Poseidon Resources, a private company involved in the development of the largest seawater desalination projects in the USA. In recognition of his outstanding efforts and contribution to the field of seawater desalination, Mr. Voutchkov has received a number of prestigious awards from the International Desalination Association, the International Water Association and the American Academy of Environmental Engineers. He is one of the principal authors of the American Water Works Association s Manual of Water Supply Practices on Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration and of the World Health Organization s Guidance for the Health and Environmental Aspects Applicable to Desalination. Mr. Voutchkov has published over 40 technical articles in the field of water and wastewater treatment and reuse, and is co-author of several books and manuals of practice on membrane treatment and desalination. He wrote a book on “Seawater Pretreatment”, which was published by Water Treatment Academy in 2010.

Desalination Plant Concentrate Management

By Nikolay Voutchkov, PE, BCEE

ISBN: 978-974-496-357-4, 181 pages, Hardcover, Published by Technobiz Communications



Ch. 1. Introduction to Concentrate Management

Ch. 2. Desalination Plant Discharge Characterization

2.1. Desalination Plant Waste Streams

2.2. Concentrate

2.3. Spent Pretreatment Backwash Water

2.4. Chemical Cleaning Residuals

Ch. 3. Surface Water Discharge of Concentrate

3.1. New Surface Water Discharge

3.2. Potential Environmental Impacts

3.3. Concentrate Treatment Prior to Surface Water Discharge

3.4. Design Guidelines for Surface Water Discharges

3.5. Costs for New Surface Water Discharge

3.6. Case Studies of New Surface Water Discharges

3.7. Co-Disposal with Wastewater Effluent

3.8. Co-Disposal with Power Plant Cooling Water

Ch. 4. Discharge to Sanitary Sewer

4.1. Description

4.2. Potential Environmental Impacts

4.3. Effect on Sanitary Sewer Operations

4.4. Effect on Wastewater Treatment Operations

4.5. Effect on Water Reuse

4.6. Design and Configuration Guidelines

4.7. Costs for Sanitary Sewer Discharge

Ch. 5. Deep Well Injection

5.1. Description

5.2. Potential Environmental Impacts

5.3. Criteria and Methods for Feasibility Assessment

5.4. Design and Configuration Guidelines

5.5. Injection Well Costs

Ch. 6. Land Application

6.1. Description

6.2. Potential Environmental Impacts

6.3. Criteria and Methods for Feasibility Assessment

6.4. Design and Configuration Guidelines

6.5. Land Application Costs

Ch. 7. Evaporation Ponds

7.1. Description

7.2. Potential Environmental Impacts

7.3. Criteria and Methods for Feasibility Assessment

7.4. Design and Configuration Guidelines

7.5. Evaporation Pond Costs

Ch. 8. Zero Liquid Discharge Concentrate Disposal Systems

8.1. Description

8.2. Potential Environmental Impacts

8.3. Criteria and Methods for Feasibility Assessment

8.4. Design and Configuration Guidelines

8.5. Zero Liquid Discharge Costs

Ch. 9. Beneficial Use of Concentrate

9.1. Technology Overview

9.2. Feasibility of Beneficial Concentrate Use

Ch. 10. Regional Concentrate Management

10.1. Types of Regional Concentrate Management Systems

10.2. Use of Brackish Water Concentrate in SWRO Plants

Ch. 11. Non-Concentrate Residuals Management

11.1. Spent Pretreatment Backwash Water

11.2. Chemical Cleaning Residuals

Ch. 12. Comparison of Concentrate Management Alternatives

12.1. Selection of Concentrate Management Approach

12.2. Costs

12.3. Environmental Impacts

12.4. Regulatory Acceptance

12.5. Ease of Implementation

12.6. Site Footprint

12.7. Reliability and Operational Constraints

12.8. Energy Use

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